Osmosis Treatment

Osmosis Treatment

Osmosis Treatment

Symblast offer a complete mobile osmosis repair service - from the removal of the gelcoat to completion, our proven method to date has had zero failures, the hull is gel peeled to expose the laminate and then blasted to open the laminate to allow trapped osmotic fluid to be washed out by steam or normal pressure washing, once dry the hull can then be rebuilt using solvent free epoxy which is applied by roller then ‘bladed’ smooth to achieve a glass smooth finish that is impervious to water, finish this with a Coppercoat treatment and you have a hull that will give many years of service with little or no maintenance.

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Gel Peeling

This is the process of removing old gelcoat, the Gelplane achieves a good clean smooth finish.

Customer Comments

Soda blasted to remove anti foul, then full osmosis treatment once discovered. All work was done as promised and to the timelines they advised us about at the outset. Symblast worked really hard, we were kept informed of progress as they did the work over a five month period. The new epoxy hull is sound, post osmosis treatment (gel coat peeling, drying and then rebuilding with epoxy). Time will tell how good it is, but the finish was good and smooth and we would recommend Symblast to anyone who needs assistance with soda blasting or full on osmosis treatment in future.


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