Trailers & Horsebox Paint Removal service available South UK | Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Berkshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Kent

Trailers & Horsebox Paint Removal Service

Trailers & Horsebox Paint Removal

Need to return any painted, rusted or weather damaged trailer or horsebox to its original best ready for coating or painting? Professional grit blasting can achieve truly remarkable results in an impressively fast time. Carried out by Symblast's highly knowledgeable and conscientious team you'll be assured of the best results.

Experienced in selecting the right abrasive media for the job, Symblast's grit blasting techniques are ideal for paint removal from any surface.

The Symblast team have worked throughout Hampshire and Dorset over 18 years, successfully removing paint and weather damage from vehicles, timber, masonry, steel and ironmongery and have developed a trusted reputation for honesty, hard work and high standards.

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Trailers and horseboxes can benefit by Symblasts experience too!

Aluminium panels can be very carefully blasted to remove old paint and refurbished to sparkling ‘as new’ condition-to a colour of your choice!

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Blasting rusted keels, epoxy and copper coat. Excellent work, reliable, timely and very efficient. I would definitely use them again.


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