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Media Blasting is also used on timber such as oak where the wood is old, painted or marked by the sawmill.

Using a special dry abrasive the wood is revitalised and some people like their timbers blasted to ‘distress’ and expose the grain, Symblast have over the years blasted many oak frame buildings to achieve precisely this result.

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Oak Frame Building

Oak beam blasting

Oak is often blasted to remove dark staining caused by water or the sawing process during manufacturing, light sandblasting will remove any paint and usually brings the oak (or any hardwood) to a clean light colour, this is also known as ‘distressing’ as the blasting enhances the natural woodgrain beauty.

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Soda blasted oak cabinets. Excellent, great communication, rapid response, first rate job, unconditionally recommend.

Blandford Forum

42ft yacht shot blasted back to gel coat. Very professional, friendly informative team. Result very much as hoped for.


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